A. Youth Development Programmes

Through Youth Care Programmes, DBI aim to provide the youth with opprtunities for participation, growth and empowerment, give them various life coping and employable skills, help them realize their own strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to face the challenges and competitions of the modern world.

The experiential learning focuses on the understanding of self and others and promotes positive attitdes and behaviour in the individual.

01 Personality Development
  Dimensions of Personality, Tips to Improve Personality, Attractive Qualities for Life, Boosting Self-Image through Johari Window, Self-Esteem, Understanding the Real U, Self-Portrait, Positive Attitudes.
02 Career Guidance
  Career Games, Stages of Career Growth, Careers Today, Career Planning, Career Options, Self-Awareness, SWOT Analysis, Matching Career and Aptitudes, The Magic of Goals.
03 Communication Skills
  Effective Communication, Public Speaking, Listening, Interpersonal Relationships, Negotiation.
04 Youth Problems: AIDS, HIV, Drugs, Smoking, Alcoholism
Residential Package
Enjoy a stay at DBI where nature blends with beauty, fresh air keeps you healthy and the silent Ramsai Hills create in you a positive mind and soul to face the challenges and stiff competition of the world. Begin the day with meditation on the Ramsai hill top, swing to the music of aerobics, and end the day with a sweet cultural feast on the banks of the serene Brahmaputra.
Arrival 5.00 p.m. / 9.00 a.m.
Departure 5.00 p.m. / 9.00 a.m.
  B. ESDP - Employable Skill & Development Programme
  ESDP is a two-day programme conducted by DBI with the aim of providing the youth, particularly College youth, opportunities for participation, growth and empowerment, giving them various life coping and employable skills.

'Summer Time Youth Ministry' (STYM) is a month long programme organized annually during the summer vacation by 'Don Bosco Youth Mission & Educational Service' (DBYES) with the aim of providing a more concentrated service to the young people of the region. It has two phases. The first phase called "Youthbuild" consists of a week-long intensive hands-on-training for youth leaders under the guidance of experienced youth workers preparing them to conduct the second phase of the STYM in different rural and urban settings. The Youthbuild is conducted at Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati for about 40 to 50 youth leaders from the different YDCs of Assam, Meghalaya. After the training they are sent out to their respective areas with the mandate to train other youth through 'Youth Camps' and 'Animation Programmes'.

The Themes dealt with during the training included Group Formation, Capacity Building, Motivation Patterns, Contemporary Challenges, Social Involvement, Youth Attitude, Youth Justifications, Emarginated Youth, Media Education, Youth Spirituality, Youth Mission, Self-awareness, and Skills Building.

To make STYM more effective and fruitful, and to garner the benefits of past experience, DBYES produces animators' guide called Youth Resources every year. Within the pages of these volumes, you will find references, resources, information and techniques towards a more fruitful and satisfying ministry and service among the young. The leader/ animator becomes all the more effective when equipped with skills and techniques that promise something to the young, suited to their likes and requirements.

*Time: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
*Free transport from Uzan Bazar at 8.30 am to DBI and back at 3.00 pm
  Youth Care Services
22 Rural Youth Development Centres offering opportunities to youth to discover their potential, training in employable skills, and leisure time activities combined with leadership and value education that empowers them to be responsible and committed leaders in society.
Over 42,000 young people equipped with advanced training to be youth leaders.
2400 youth workers and youth leaders provided with hands on training in youth ministry, under the guidance of experienced youth animators.
Value based Leadership Training Programmes conducted each year for senior students in over 120 rural, semi-urban and urban settings.
270 Intensive Skills Training programmes and support to unemployed youth with special focus on the more vulnerable and at-risk groups in rural settings.
Bosco Barefoot Colleges at Boko and Bhooteachang offering to semi-literate and underprivileged rural youth employable skills and entrepreneurial guidance and support.
Conventions, Youth Fests, Rallies organised annually – bringing together young people of various ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds.
NE Regional Youth Consultation.
Symposium on North East Regional Policy for Youth.
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