Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

November 22, 2004: Don Bosco Institute is one of the projects to which I attach great importance, because empowerment through the acquisition of knowledge is the only way in which those who have lagged behind in the race for social and economic development can catch up with the ret of the country, with the rest of the world. What you are doing shows us the way to move forward. May your path be blessed!
Shri Rahul Gandhi, MP
July 18, 2009: “I visited your Institute today and I would like to make a few comments on what I saw. I met some of the teachers who are being trained and they said they are doing a three months' course here. I have been all over India. I have seen a lot of teachers and pupils being trained and I must tell you that you are as good as anybody else I have seen anywhere in the country. That goes not only for the young teachers but for the boys and girls who are working at computers, those who are doing the Desktop Publishing and everybody else I met and spoke to. You are second to none, not only as an institution, but more importantly as students; you are as capable as anyone else in the country. I can tell you this because I have travelled around the whole country and I have seen what is in the north and south, east and west.

Shri Tarun Gogoi
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam

February 28, 2005: I am happy that Don Bosco Institute has taken the initiative in the direction of vocational education. We want to collaborate with Don Bosco Institute so that we can bring new hopes to our younger generations and we can build a better Assam.

Fr. Pascual V. Chavez, Rector Major
February 28, 2005: I want to congratulate the Province of Guwahati for setting up this institute. It is the realization of a beautiful dream and it has a bright future….  While I dedicate this institute to you, dear young people, I would like to renew the commitment of the Salesian family to continue being educators of the young and so help the development of India.
B. K. Handique, Minister of Mines & DoNER,
Govt of India

September 9, 2009: It is a dream that's in the making here. Yes, this is the dream we all have for the North Eastern region. We have a tryst not only with destiny but with history. History will not forgive us if we fail.

Rev. Thomas Menamparampil,
Archbishop of Guwahati

Something amazing is happening here (in DBI)! And rightly so!


Sanjoy Hazarika, Journalist and writer
An amazing place with great potential – one of the best views of Brahmaputra that I have seen anywhere and a centre that can help calm the turmoil of the region and develop the skills which can transform it, by the banks of the river.


K N Hazarika, CMD, NEDFi
This centre is so well planned and personally nurtured by Fr Thomas – a model which will have far reaching impact, dedicated by similarly devoted and committed people.


Delhi Public School Teachers, Duliajan
The training programme at DBI was very informative, effective, enriching, interesting, and satisfying, far better than the B. Ed. Course.

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