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The futuristic concept and design, the state of the art facilities, access for the less privileged, and the dedicated faculty synergize to make DBI a symbol of commitment and quality.


The DBI campus is located by the idyllic Ramsai Hills, Kharghuli, Joypur with a magnificent sweep of the majestic Brahmaputra. With the overwhelming natural beauty of the land, the rolling hills, with the river flowing by its side, DBI has been poetically described as a dream by the hillside that has the right ambience for the adventure of learning, introspection and self-discovery.


The Library houses a large collection of books, journals and reports, including the latest publications in management and international business related subjects and focus on information technology and e-commerce. Access to the finest selection of contemporary reference books and journals, which supplement the prescribed reference books and textbooks, provide students an opportunity to gain significant appreciation of management and IT subjects going well beyond the classroom-based program.

Group Learning Center

The transformation of innate potential into leadership is realized through every aspect of the DBI experience leading the students to investigate multiple ways of learning, connecting and leading. The group learning centre is utilized for project preparation and documentation, organization of group presentations and communication training.

Lecture Halls & Conference Rooms

There are state-of-the-art class-rooms with multimedia presentation support. The spacious well ventilated split-level classrooms with wifi facilities and LCDs facilitate the teaching-learning process in a hi-tech environment were teacher inputs, textbooks and the internet guide one to the heights of excellence.

Ranghar (Amphitheater)

Ranghar, with a seating capacity of 500, is at the heart of all functions at DBI. Its breath taking waterfront view, along with the natural surroundings, add to the grandeur of the hall that has been named after the oldest amphitheater in Asia, Ranghar at Sibsagar, Assam.

Saraighat Hall

The fully air conditioned Saraighat Hall at DBI is an ideal venues for seminars, international conferences, etc. It includes the latest digital surround system with extra Woofers, LCD projector and automated screen.

Computer Lab and Internet Facilities

The institute has a “State-of-Art” Lab with 200 terminals on Local Area Network (LAN) connected to windows7 through DLINK Switches. All computers are Pentium-IV based machines and IBM serves as the backbone of the Network. The computer lab services are available to the students from early morning till late evening hours, which facilitates completion of regular classes, project and research work. The Institute has introduced 24 x 7 Broad Band Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.

Language Lab

Communication plays a pivotal role in today’s  environment. Recognizing this, a computerized communication Lab has been set up that offers special course in the areas of organizational behavior, communications, individual and group behavior, presentation skills and interview training.

Hostel Accommodation

All students are required to stay at the institute’s separate hostel accommodation for boys and girls. The Hostels are well-equipped with facilities such as phones, water filters and coolers and common rooms which create a homely atmosphere.

Medical Facilities

Institute have round the clock medical assistance is available through access to “Borthakur Clinic & Hospital”, a modern multi-disciplinary hospital which is just one km away from the campus. The hospital ensures good medical facilities to students and faculty alike.

Other Campus Facilities

The institute’s tastefully maintained terraces serve not only as meeting points for discussion and fellowship, but also as an ideal location for nature meditation, and for a personal communion with the bounteous natural beauty that is unique to Don Bosco Institute.

A well-equipped canteen, telephone and fax facilities, photostating, printing and binding facilities make easier the process of rejuvenation, study and project management.