Our Mission & Vision

Nurturing Talent – Inspiring Commitment: conceived as the epicentre for Integrated Youth Care, Educational Leadership, Management Training, Socio-Cultural Development, and Research,
– Nurtures excellence and fosters commitment in youth care, education, civil administration and corporate management.
– Empowers marginalised and at-risk groups of youth, builds up their skills and capacities, and connects them to enhanced opportunities
– Equips society’s next-generation leaders – competent, dedicated and committed to excellence, equity and peace building.
– Promotes reflection, innovation and creativity in educational theory and practice, and offers consultancy and training.
– Offers personal and professional growth opportunities for leaders in government, civil administration, industry and the corporate sector, and collaborates in leading change.
– Networks with regional, national and international organisations to harness resources and commitment in favour of solidarity, equity, development and peace.
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