Our Mission

spires to be a premier institute attaining global recognition for management education, training, research and consultancy.

Nurtures excellence and fosters commitment in youth care, education, civil administration and corporate management.

Empowers young people in building their skills and capabilities, and connects them to enhanced opportunities.

Equips society’s next-generation leaders, competent, dedicated and committed to excellence, equity and peace building and acts as a change agent in building a better and just society.

Promotes reflection, innovation and creativity in managerial theory.

Offers personal and professional growth opportunities for leaders in government, civil administration, industry and the corporate sector, and collaborates in leading change.

Networks with regional, national and international organizations to harness resources and commitment in favor of solidarity, equity, development and peace.

Our Vision

“Nurturing Talent, Inspiring Commitment, Conceived as the epicenter for Integrated Youth Care, Educational Leadership, Management Training, Socio-Cultural Development, and Research”